If you’re in the design world, you’ve probably heard of many different design software tools such as Sketch or Adobe XD. Figma, especially, has dramatically increased in popularity in recent years for its innovation and ease of use to make designing a less stressful process. Learning new software can be tricky and overwhelming, but there are many shortcuts, plugins, and Figma features that will make the experience more efficient and make you a pro. So, why Figma?

Sketch vs. Figma

A great thing about Figma is that it is very similar to Sketch. Many designers who entered the field, prior to 2016 when…

Being young and entering into a new field is already tough. The world is pretty much looking down on you thinking you’re not good enough to have a full-time job just yet. You need experience, but can’t get experience without experience, and we all know how that story continues on loop.

I decided I wanted to enter into the field of User Experience Design right before I graduated college — so this means that I definitely did not have a portfolio or any design internships under my belt. I figured it was best to attend a design bootcamp in New…

Problem Space

For this project, my 2 teammates and I chose to focus on self-care. Mental health awareness has gained more and more popularity over the years. As each year passes, it becomes more important to discuss and advocate. With that in mind, my team and I wanted to find out how people take care of their mental health by investigating their self-care routines and what they lack through user interviews in order to create a design solution to better support them.The following project took place between November 12, 2019 to November 22, 2019.


First, my team and I created a screener…


For this project, I, individually, poured my focus into rearranging the information architecture of the National Geographic Expeditions website. This website is great for those who travel frequently, giving people the more than average trip without being so touristy. Specifically, I was tasked with reorganizing the primary and secondary navigation of the site. The utility navigation remained the same. The information needs to be reorganized in a way that would make sense to the users so that they have no difficulty in finding what they need to find and accomplishing their goal on the site.

Analyzing the open card sort data.

Problem Space

The problem…

Planning out the steps for the Hotels.com Redesign Project.


For this project, my team was tasked with redesigning the interface of Hotels.com and integrating a new feature into the site. Hotels.com is a website where users can book hotels, as well as other travel accommodations. The site allows for the user to be able to plan ahead and secure their travel necessities before a trip ensues. We also incorporated a more charitable cause within the checking out process to target more socially conscientious consumers.

Problem Space

The main problem that was seen in our user research was that there was a huge lack of price transparency. If a…



Google Calendar is a tool that many students at General Assembly utilize to keep them organized. For this project, I chose to identify where students struggle the most and create a redesign of the app as well as integrating a new feature to increase workload productivity that allowed more personal time for them.

Problem Space

Students at General Assembly at the New York City campus are very dedicated to their work. They want to do everything they can to ensure their success in their courses, but don’t have a lot of time left for themselves due to the…

Roma Patel

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